giftcard50.pngOrder Malco VIP Tickets and Save! VIP Tickets are available to organizations, companies, groups and individuals that can benefit from purchasing admission vouchers in bulk! Vouchers are valid anytime (with the exception of Special Events, including but not limited to Operas, Concerts, Broadway Shows and other Special Events) and never expire. Vouchers can be redeemed towards 3D films and the 3D glasses premium is payable upon redemption at the theatre box office.

Total price of the book is $400.00 + shipping.
Sold in Lots of 50 tickets per book. $8.00 per ticket. Multiple orders to same address can be combined.

VIP Tickets

Recognition, Employee Rewards or Gifts
Client or Customer Appreciation
Promotion and Marketing Programs
Gifts for Family and Friends

For 3D movies shown in 3D format there
will be an additional surcharge per admission



giftcard50.pngThis is the VIP Concession Combo. Total price of the book is $450.00.
Sold in Lots of 50 tickets per book. $9.00 per voucher. . Multiple orders to the same address can be combined. Each voucher valid for one popcorn and drink combo, both with free refills. Item offered is equivalent to the #1 Combo. These make great gifts to accompany Malco Gift Cards and Gift Books. popcorn.jpg Buy yours today.