Event Description
Host your own Big Screen Gaming event for up to 20 guests (including yourself). Enjoy up to 3 hours of Big Screen Gaming in the comfort of your own private auditorium using your own console and games. Reserve now starting at $100. Please note that outside food and/or drinks, as well as goody bags and/or any other distributed/shared items, are not allowed within the building. 

Frequently Asked Questions – Malco Select Gaming

What is Malco Select Gaming?
Malco Select allows you the ability to host your own personal private gaming experience. You choose and make it your Malco! Please note that outside food and/or drinks, as well as goody bags and/or any other distributed/shared items, are not allowed within the building. 

Which gaming systems can I bring to hook up?
Any gaming console with an HDMI port can be supported and online gaming is available if your system has an Ethernet port.  Consoles that only operate with RGB or optical audio/video outputs are not currently supported in this program.  

Are there any ratings restrictions on games?
You are welcome to play games rated Everyone, Youth, Teen or Mature only.  Adults Only/18+ or non-rated titles are not allowed to be played within the auditorium.

Can I play games online?
Yes. The auditorium is equipped an ethernet cable to connect your console for online gaming.

Can I bring multiple consoles with me?
You may bring as many HDMI-capable consoles as you like, but each showtime is only valid for 2 hours of gaming and only one console can be played at a time.

Can I access the internet for streaming or social media? 
No, our in-auditorium internet is accessible for online gaming only. 

My console needs a software update to play online games, can I download it at the theatre?
Unfortunately, not. Please download any console or game updates at home prior to arriving at the theatre.

Will my game have surround sound audio? 
Yes, so long as the game and console are capable of delivering 5.1 surround sound audio.
Will I have to set up my console when I arrive?
Yes. We want to respect physical distancing guidelines and the latest safety protocols to protect our guests and employees. However, our staff will be on hand to guide you through the set up process and ensure audio levels and video work perfectly.

When does the clock start for my two hours?
The timer starts once your console is set up, or 15 minutes past your scheduled start time.

What if I am in the middle of an online match when my two hours ends?
We understand and will do our best to assist you when your time is up. However, please keep in mind that the rental is set for 2 hours only and the auditorium is scheduled for additional movies and events.

Can I stream my game play or watch gaming livestreams?
Streaming is not allowed within the auditorium.

Can I record my game play?
Recording devices are not allowed withing the auditoriums.

Can I play VR games?
At this time, VR games are not a supported format for the Malco Select Gaming program.

Can we have a tournament?
Due to time constraint, tournaments are currently not allowed.
How many outlets are in the auditorium? I have devices to charge!
There are a limited number of outlets within the auditorium in which to power your console, but other devices should already be fully charged and ready to go!

Will I need to bring anything to connect to the internet? 
Wired internet connections are provided in the auditorium.

Do I need a subscription to play games online?
Third-party online subscriptions such as XBOX Live, or PlayStation Plus, are needed to access certain online gameplay features. These will not be provided by Malco Theatres, so please verify your subscription accounts before arriving at the theatre. 

How do I access online gaming at the theatre?
Make sure have all of your account login information and passwords for any online services, ie; PlayStation Network, XBOX Live, to avoid any issues in signing in to your account at the theatre.

What if I lose a controller or drop the console and it breaks?                                        Participants bring personal equipment and games at their own risk. Malco Theatres is not responsible for any lost, broken or damaged items brought onto the premises. This includes, but not limited to: consoles, controllers, gaming accessories, power cords, HDMI cables, headphones, gaming discs or any other associated item(s).