1. How can I guarantee the movie I want will still be playing for the date I choose?
Listed to the right of the movie titles are dates. These dates will provide to you an indication of how long we anticipate a film to be playing. These dates are intentionally made shorter in case a film does does not live up to revenue expectations. You must choose a date within this range to schedule your party. If you are curious about a date past the last date given please call our office. Our number is 1-800-467-6677.
2. How do I get movie times for a movie that hasn't opened yet?
The most common question we get about birthday parties is this one, and it has a simple answer. You cannot get exact showtimes for movies that haven't opened because these times have not been set. However, Malco has a fairly consistent schedule. Our movies begin roughly at noon, 2pm, and 4pm. To be more specific, these showtimes are usually 12:10, 2:20 and 4:30, give or take 15 minutes on each start time. This is why we have set the party start times as we have. The movie will begin about 40 minutes after the start of your party. Please keep in mind that there WILL BE SOME FLEX TIME to work with -- this is the nature of the movie business. Your room rental may last 45 minutes; it may last one hour and 15 minutes. It is up to you whether you'd like more time or less in the party room. Have your group arrive at the exact party start time if you want the full hour; have them arrive 15 minutes after the scheduled start time if you'd like less. On Wednesday before your chosen movie opens, get online at www.malco.com and find exact start times at your theatre.
3. How do I know the movie I want to see will be playing at the specific theatre I’d like to attend?
All children’s movies that open in Memphis will open at the theatres where we have party rooms – the Cordova, Paradiso, Stage, Desoto, and Collierville theatres – as well as where we allow private parties – Collierville, Cordova, Forest Hill, Paradiso, Stage, Southaven, and Raleigh Springs. It is rare that the film you want to see will not be playing at each of these locations.
4. I don’t want to pay for the invitee’s parents and siblings to see a movie, but I think they’re going to want to stay. What should I do?
Every person who sees the movie must pay for a ticket. For party room parties, we recommend that you write on the invitations, “Parents and siblings are welcome to stay. For private parties, the box office is not yet open, so each person in your party will be on your invoice. They will pay you, and you will pay Malco. If these extras want concessions, they may receive the discount price, but their ticket, unlike everyone invited to the party, will only include concessions if they want them.
5. Where do you NOT have birthday parties?
6. I'm not sure how many people are coming. Do I need to call you back once I have a final count if it's different than my original booking?
NO. Malco only needs to know of a change in your total number if it is a significant addition. --- 15 people or more
7. Do I pay for the number of people I estimate will attend or the final number of guests?
You are only charged for the number of guests who attend the party. NOTE-YOU ARE TO PAY FOR THE MINIMUM ATTENDANCE REQUIRED FOR YOUR PARTY. Your online booking is simply an estimate, and Malco understands that. Please refer to FAQ #6 as well.
8. When should I book my party – how far in advance?
We suggest that you book your party one month in advance. This is a suggestion. We will book parties with two days notice (subject to availability). Private parties must pay the rental fee in advance even if it's only one day. We will ONLY book parties one month in advance – we do not accept bookings for December in October.
9. Where should I direct my call to make changes to my party?
Please call your specific theatre and ask to speak with a manager. Find phone numbers for all our theatres on our home page.
10. Will you take a credit card number for the room rental over the phone?
Yes, we are able to take credit card numbers over the phone. Please call the theatre (within two days of booking your party) hosting your party and ask for a manager. Let them know you are having a party and you wish to pay your Rental Fee by Credit Card.
11. What time should I tell parents to pick up their child?
We suggest that you allot an hour and a half or less for movie length. This is a safe estimate that will have parents arriving either just on time or early. Parents are welcome to wait outside the theatre or in the lobby. You may also call the theatre on the Tuesday before your party to find out the exact time.
12. Who will watch our presents and personal items during the movie?
Malco is not responsible for personal items. On Saturdays, party hosts will be asked to clear the room for the next group immediately after the movie starts. On days when the rooms are not rented steadily, there is more flexibility, but we recommend that you remove all valuables from the room before going into the movie.
13. What will we do in the party room?
Some parents tell us they only need 30 minutes in the party room. Others say they need the entire hour. Groups usually arrive, order and receive drinks, open presents, have lunch or cake, maybe play a game or two, visit the arcade, and then head into the movie with popcorn in hand. Drinks may be replenished at this time as well. Although your rental lasts an hour, you may have your party arrive at whatever time you deem necessary within your allotted hour. In other words, if you only want the party room for 30 minutes, have your guests arrive at 3pm instead of 2:30 for a 3:30 movie.
14. What is the difference between a Malco birthday party and any other party?
Aside from being considerably easier to organize than most parties, Malco movie parties involve no clean up (other than what you choose to take with you), no hassle, and we offer you the added benefit of having your own private party room that's conveniently not in your home. Parents tell us the best thing about a movie party is that two hours of entertainment are provided, so instead of dressing like a clown and making balloon animals, you just buy a cake and come on over.
15. Can we bring outside food in to our party.
You are allowed to bring a cake, cupcakes, or an icecream cake. You may not bring in any other items to eat. We do have special packages on food that may be purchase for your party. When booking your party, fill free to ask about what food is available at the cinema you will be attending.
16. Can we pay for our Deposit or Party with a Personal Check.
We apologize, but we are unable to now accept personal checks. We continue to accept cash and credit cards for payment.